Has Your Image, Name, Voice or Likeness Been Wrongfully Used?

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The right to control one’s image, name, voice and likeness is obviously important. This is called the “right of publicity.” California law strongly protects the right of publicity.

We have successfully pursued many cases for private individuals, models and actors whose images have been wrongfully published in advertising campaigns. Sometimes a company will just use an image and figure it won’t be noticed; other times a license to use the image will have expired. These cases can be worth multiple seven figures, depending upon the type of use.

We are very experienced in the nuances of this specialized area of the law and we are here to help you.

Stand up for your rights and be vigilant in protecting your image. If your image has been used, or other rights violated unlawfully, we are happy to provide a free consultation to evaluate your matter. We frequently work on a full contingency basis. We are fearless and have the wherewithal, confidence and spirit to represent your interests. We want to know about any problems you have.

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