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My Big Mouth- Advocate

Whether it's a comment to the press, a letter to the defendant or a memo for the court, legal communications can result in attorney liability, "Litigation Privilege" notwithstanding

The Case About TV News That TV News Missed

By Neville L. Johnson, Johnson & Johnson LLP, Beverly Hills, CA Privacy Journal June 2002 Beverly Deteresa was the flight attendant who served O.J. Simpson on his flight to Chicago the night that his...

The music banker’s big score

Thu, Dec 06 17:57 PM EST By Robin Respaut and Atossa Araxia Abrahamian (Reuters) – From an office on Sunset Boulevard, a dapper 69-year-old has emerged as a go-to guy for musicians and songwriters looking for quick cash....

SAG seeks seal on foreign levies info

“Neville Johnson, attorney for Richert and Osmond, said Wednesday that the confidentiality issue remains unresolved. He’s contended that SAG’s required to disclose the information to the U.S. Dept. of Labor under the...


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@Steno Congrats to Neville Johnson, Jordanna Thigpen, Douglas Johnson, and others who helped secure a $9.55M verdict against Monster Energy Company and Coca-Cola. #congrats #verdict #triallawyers