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Johnson & Johnson, LLP is a law firm in Beverly Hills that specializes in litigation on behalf of writers, producers, actors, recording artists, and independent companies. We are currently lead counsel on class actions against five major movie studios, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount and 20th Century Fox, for underpayment of talent and entities for movies made prior to 1981 that were released on home video. If you are a profit participant, an heir of a profit participant, or have rights to contingent income on one of these types of films, you should contact our office for a free consultation.

We are very interested in hearing from any talent and/or their heirs who have profit participation on pre-1981 movies. The contracts from that era provide uniformly that talent is to be paid on 100% of revenues the studios receive. This would include all forms of home video, such as DVD and digital distribution. The studios are only paying on 20% of the revenues earned, and they do not have a good reason for doing so. Our goal is to make sure the studios are held liable for paying what they owe.

We also represent recording artists in several class action cases involving income from downloads against three major record companies (Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, and Warner Brothers/Warner Electric Asylum).

It should come as no surprise that film studios and record companies underpay their artists. That’s where we come in.

Johnson & Johnson, LLP typically takes cases on a contingency basis. We often work with a team of sophisticated, reliable, reputable co-counsel to fight for money owed.

We are fearless, experienced, and have the wherewithal, confidence and spirit to represent your interests. We want to know about any problems you have.

If a studio is trying to buyback all of your profit participation interest, by wary and call us to discuss. You could be giving up on the right to receive a significant amount of money.

We are intent on changing the way that business is done to ensure that agreements are adhered to fully and talent is paid well for its hard work.

Spread the word, there is a new sheriff in town to police the studios!

Call Neville L. Johnson or Douglas L. Johnson at (310) 975-1080, and set up a free consultation.

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