Defamation, Media And First Amendment Law

Guidance Through Media Law And Defamation Concerns

While the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, this right is not unlimited, and defendants may be held responsible when their speech crosses the boundaries from truth and opinion to libel and slander. This applies to everyone from disgruntled individuals to behemoth media organizations, and our attorneys have vast experience taking on both.

At Johnson & Johnson, LLP, we frequently represent individuals and companies seeking protection from injurious comments, helping them protect their reputations and promote their long-term success. Our extensive experience in media law allows us to guide you through its complexities and protect your rights within the boundaries of First Amendment jurisprudence.


Protecting Your Reputation Is Essential

Maintaining a positive public reputation is crucial for both individuals and companies. This is especially so in the age of the internet, which allows individuals to post damaging content, often anonymously, with no editorial oversight or regard for the truth. Because the websites hosting this content are largely shielded from liability under the Communications Decency Act, it is all too easy for names to be wrongfully tarnished. At Johnson & Johnson, we pride ourselves on helping individuals reclaim their reputations and providing a path of just recourse.

If your name or brand is wrongly tarnished, our legal team can provide the strong support you need. We can thoroughly mine the internet for misuse of your name or brand, fight to have the offending content removed, and hold the originators of said content accountable. We can serve as your trusted advocate to ensure that your hard-earned reputation remains intact.

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